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War stats
Battlefield 2
Total wars 119
Won 95 | 79%
Lost 24 | 20%
W/L ratio 4.03
All games
Total wars 281
Won 208 | 74%
Lost 73 | 25%
W/L ratio 2.83

Clan Des Damnés' history
The complete history of the Dirty Dozen and Clan Des Damnés
May 2003
Our existence dates back to May 2003, when a group of friends from the small town of Pau (France, South-West, next to the Pyrenées mountains and Atlantic ocean!) decided to start a team around the then fastest-growing mod for Battlefield 1942: Desert Combat. We chose our team's name in reference to one of the greatest movies ever: The Dirty Dozen. Our team's tag: [D12]. The founders: G00R00, Robin, AzZ, eclips, Full_mj, Guismo & P.Louis.
The Desert Combat & Dirty Dozen era
May 2003 - November 2003
Being the first and only team in France to play Desert Combat online, we quickly realised that the European scene was the best place for us to play, therefore we quickly joined the Clanbase EU DC ladder, where we met many nice teams (Z, SSF, HFD, VETS, 3Zi, fmc, SW42, etc), some of which we've played many times over the years, and many players that we still see today! In those 7 months, under the name Dirty Dozen, we ended up #1 in France and in the top 10 in Europe.
The Desert Combat & Clan Des Damnés era
November 2003 - April 2004
Looking for a Desert Combat section, the Battlefield 1942 team Clan Des Damnes (CDD), founded in 2002, immediatly thought of us. After quick negotiations, we agreed to join their team. From that point, we were known as CDD-DC. During this period, both CDD squads kept their #1 position in France, and we (CDD-DC), by the time Battlefield Vietnam was released, finished 3rd on the Clanbase EU ladder, and had played a total of more than 100 DC wars.
The Battlefield Vietnam era
April 2004 - September 2004
In Winter 2004, the BF1942 squad was disbanded, which is why later, when Battlefield Vietnam came out, we (the DC squad) became the sole BFV squad. We easily won the first French EA-Games tournament, then played many ESL wars, finished 4th in the Clanbase Summer Cup, and after having played slightly less than 100 BFV wars, we got bored of the game (it's bugs, crap patching, and repetitive gameplay).
Back to our roots (more DC, and some PoE)
September 2004 - May 2005
We knew Battlefield 2 would be out in Summer 2005, so instead of going into hibernation, we decided to stay active and go back to playing Desert Combat, and a new, very promising mod for BFV: Point of Existence. Although not playing at the same high level as before, our results on the Clanbase DC ladder were still rather impressive for a team coming back 6 months later with many new players (recruited during our BFV era) that had never played DC before. This period was a good opportunity for the team to prepare itself for the long awaited BF2!
The Battlefield 2 era (at last...)
June 2005 - now
Nothing yet, I'll start writing this part after the Summer holidays :)
by AzZ, last updated July 3rd 2005